More than 25 years ago I began learning how to live in a healthier, more natural, less toxic way. I had several health issues and I wanted to learn how to feel better, rely less on medicines or at least find some help that supplemented the prescriptions I was on and helped them work more efficiently. Most of all, I really wanted to cope better with life and with ongoing pain and discomfort.

Over the last 25 years, I have learned a great many things that have helped me improve my health and even recover from some of my long term problems. I learned all I could about the ways I needed to eat nutritiously and move my body in healthy way, get fresh air and nourish my mind. I learned to supplement the care my doctors provided me with caring for myself as well. Over time, this came to include learning Reiki and including daily self Reiki in my self care. This has been so empowering to me! I have the power to feel better and to relieve pain right at my fingertips any time I need it. I have also been doing mindfulness meditation for about 10 years, which has been of great benefit to my mind, body and spirit.

The way that our emotions effect our bodies is amazing. So are the currents of energy that flow through our bodies and our brains. We are amazing beings, fully connected to all of our surrounding and to each other in the most incredible ways. Because of the connection between our body, mind and spirit(energy), when one is effected, so are the others and when one is in balance, the others are more balanced as well. Reiki helps the body and mind come into balance with each other and also helps stimulate balance in the immune system by counteracting the build up of stress, negative emotions and toxins we encounter in our daily life.

I am happy to offer Reiki energy healing sessions to assist you in regaining better balance in your own energy field, achieving better pain control, and a more balanced and natural immune response. You have far more power to heal than you may believe!

If you are interested in Reiki sessions or meditation classes, please contact me via my Facebook page, my website (link below) or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. If I can’t help you, I will try to connect you with another practitioner or teacher who can.


I offer:

  •    Cooking tips, recipes
  •    Reiki
  •    Reiki Classes (In person only)
  •    Meditation Classes


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  1. Thanks for your interest in The Bible Through the Seasons. I hope that this new approach to a daily Bible devotional will enhance your special call in life. Many blessings! Nick

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