Explaining How Distant Healing Works

Article by Angie Webster

I have written about Explaining Reiki to Others, but I find that when someone who doesn’t know about Reiki wants to know about distant Reiki, it becomes more difficult. Particularly if they want an explanation for how it works. Many people are somewhat able to understand the basic concepts of Reiki in general, but the thought that this could work for someone on the other side of the world can seem too much to take in.

My experience has been that those who are unfamiliar with energy in healing will ask if distant Reiki works through computers, via the internet or over the phone. They have a hard time understanding how a treatment can be sent without connecting it to something tangible for it to flow through that connects both parties.

I admit I was very skeptical of healing energy being real over long distances until I had had several experiences with it. My first experience was in almost 6 years ago. A woman I was friends with was part of a group that met once a week to send healing energies to those in need. She offered to add my name to the list to help me with numerous health problems I had struggled with for years. I said yes, more to humor her than anything. I felt it couldn’t hurt because I didn’t think it was real.

I was surprised that I could actually feel the energy flow from this group of people each week on the night they met. Even when I forgot about the healing, I would realize I felt peace wash over me and my pain would ease. Within a short time, my health issues began to fade away. I also had more clarity of thought and ability to cope with life.

Yet, even when I learned about Reiki and energy healing, I was still skeptical that it could work. I had seen prayer work from long distances. I believed there also might be special people that could heal from far away. I doubted that anyone could be taught to do it. And I still doubted anyone who said they could do energy work from a distance until they proved it to me.

The telephone, cable TV and internet all use energy frequencies we can’t see in order to function. The electricity in our homes does the same, as does a radio. All of these have to be tuned to the particular frequency they operate at in order to work. They all have ways to adjust the flow of energy built in so that we can turn them on, off or use them in a different way. And all of them were thought too unbelievable to be true when people first heard of them.

Distant Reiki works the same way. It is energy that must be “tuned” to the person it is being sent to. Once it is “tuned in” it will flow through the energy currents that exist naturally, just the same way that a phone signal or wifi signal does. Distance is no object for it, just as it is no object for the internet or phone communications. The energy that surrounds us carries all of these energies to the intended receiver. With Reiki, the practitioner is the conduit of the energy.

It can be a difficult concept to understand that our thoughts, intentions and emotions are energy. Yet most people can feel that their emotions create an energy sensation in the body. They may also understand that the nerve endings and spinal cord help to carry these energies throughout the body. If you go one step further, you can see the relationship between our thoughts and our emotions. It’s not much of a leap from there to see that our thoughts and emotions have an effect on our perceptions and the people around us. These things truly change our environment! It is all energy.

We have to be careful to start where the person is when we explain Reiki and distant Reiki to someone. All of this begins to feel like second nature to us. Telephones, internet, radio and TV all seem like ordinary things to us, too. But to someone who has never experienced them, they seem mysterious and unreal at first. Some may even be frightened by them, until they have experienced them. The same is true with Reiki and other energy medicine techniques. Be patient and clear. Share your experiences and offer to share distant Reiki with them, if they are open to it. As always, experiencing Reiki first hand seems to clear up any doubt!

This article first appeared on ReikiRays.com