We CAN’T Judge


We are utterly unable to judge anything. It is too complex for us too begin to see. Take a step back and look with care at how much it takes to simply judge for yourself what to do in a situation that no one else is involved in. Your mind weighs many factors that will affect you and the outcome of the decision and how you feel in the moment. It takes into effect all the things about who you are, how you think, how you live, what you need, fears, longings, and on and on. Even if you don’t make a wise decision in the end, all these factors are quickly routed through your mind when you need to decide something. Each person has their own unique process like this when making even the simplest decisions.

We tend to think we know how others go through this process, that their process must be similar to our own. Or we think that our own process is superior, particularly if we are attached to the belief that the decisions we make are usually the right ones. But we can’t know another person’s mind. It is difficult enough to see our own.  It is impossible to know another person’s mind well enough to judge their decisions and choices. We would need to see every event that has happened to them, every previous choice they have made, all the things that have brought them to that particular moment. These are the things that go into a decision. These are the things that create a moment. Many people come together in each moment.

If we must recognize that we can’t possibly judge or understand why each person is the way they are and makes the choices they make, then surely we must step even further back and see that trying to question every aspect of the Divine is beyond our capacity. How would it be possible to comprehend the decision process of the Ultimate Mind if we are barely able to see our own? And if we can’t understand how to love and accept the process of another, then we can’t be close to understanding and harmonizing with God. We have so much work to do on ourselves. It can’t be done while trying to judge.

Judging holds us separate from God. God is love and grace. If we are to be that, then we have to lay down everything in us that screams, “UNWORTHY!” or “RIGHTEOUS!” Even if we feel we are doing it on God’s behalf. We know in our soul we aren’t. It’s for us and what we believe. The Divine is doing His work, and we don’t understand and we don’t need to. We are here to do our own work and to let Him work through us. Part of that work—maybe the hardest part—is to learn non-judgment.

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